Frequently Asked Questions

Forgot your Password?

I can’t log in, it says the wrong password…how do I recover my password? No problem. Simply click on the “forgot password” link under where you would type in your username and password. Enter your email address…then your password will be sent to you via email.

Your Account Home

Your Account Home is your landing page after you log in. You have access to the latest news, articles, your mailbox, activity on your account. Plus, you can EDIT your account information, upload or change your profile image, view and edit your listing data, view and manage your connections and finally log out of your account when you are finished on the site.

Edit Your Account

Here you can update your Account Contact Information. This is your account with The Chamber of Commerce office directly. This information is viewable ONLY by The Chamber Staff and members of The Chamber and will be used for business correspondence only. This data entered here is NOT VISIBLE to guests/visitors to the site. Here you can also change your username and password as well as your company contact information and mailing address.

Add Your Logo/ Profile Image

As a member, you will be able to upload a profile image that will display in your business listing or when members of the Chamber view your account contact data. This can be your logo or picture of your business. To upload your own logo or picture, simply log into your account page at and update your logo and photo on the MY LISTING page.

Edit Your Business Listings

Your LISTING is like your YELLOW PAGES ad to visitors to the site. As a standard member, you are able to add a business listing that includes your business name, contact info, location, a 500-word description, and a Member2Member offering. Your listing will also have a Google map of your business location and the ability to choose up to 3 business categories. You only enter the information you want to show to the public. Ex. if you don’t want your email to be displayed, just leave that field blank.

If you are a current member, your LISTING was added to the site to support the new website launch. This listing data was imported from the Chamber database. However, it is simple to update and change. Once you are on your LISTINGS page, scroll to the MY LISTINGS block, CLICK on the listing name. You will be navigated to your listing display. CLICK EDIT to quickly update your description, tags, categories, and business contact info.

How do I connect with other members?

To connect with members, just search the database and connect directly through their contact form. Contact, connect, fave, or even send them a quick greeting … all from their listing page.

What are tags and what is the tag cloud on the home page?

A tag links items in similar categories together such as a location, type of business, or keyword. Those tags single descriptive words that you can enter in your account info. These tags act as a visual depiction of user-generated tags assigned to accounts, events, committees, and business listings. Tags are usually single words and are listed alphabetically, and the importance of a tag is shown with font size. The tags are hyperlinked together and allow you to view that collection of items that are associated with the particular tag by clicking on the link. Feel free to add tags to your profile and connect with other business who use similar tags.