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Open for Business Flags – Columbia, PA businesses only


Columbia Borough and Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce (SVCC) announced the completion of a collaborative effort to market/brand Columbia in February of 2017.  Informally dubbed the Bags & Flags Program.


A uniform look based on a new Columbia logo is the basis for this marketing program. Features of the plan are explained below.

Columbia brochure – This familiar printed document is updated annually to help promote the “Museums, Treasures & Riverlore” of Historic Columbia. This piece has been around for a few years, and its design was the inspiration for this marketing program.  

Avenue Banners – Light poles in downtown Columbia sport durable, high quality banners with four variations of the logo screen-printed on Sunbrella fabric.  One banner design features the full logo while the other three designs feature components of the logo.

OPEN Flags – Specially designed OPEN flags complement the avenue banners.  The angled design of the top of the flag along with custom hardware allows these flags to hang vertically for easy reading. Business owners interested in the OPEN flags will be asked to pay a portion of the costs of the flag and hardware. The monetary commitment from business owners is comparable to the total cost of the more traditional red, white, and blue Open flags and hardware. The major portion of the price is being absorbed by Columbia Borough and SVCC.

Bags – A RiverTowns logo has been designed to unify the advertising initiative in Columbia, Marietta, and Wrightsville – the three towns represented by SVCC.  White merchandise bags with a full color label are available in two sizes. Columbia businesses interested in using these bags will be given 75 of each size free of charge.  150 bags are free to you with your Open Flag order.


Please feel free to contact Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce at or 684-5249 with your questions or feedback.


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